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"Shepherd of Fire" by Avenged Sevenfold


For a good sounding, heavy song that I at first thought sounded really good, it's really dumb.

It has been explained that this song is about drugs (more specifically, opioids, in this case) as many songs are (such as Hotel California by the Eagles) and about the devil trying to tempt you.

The focus of this song is on the name they supposedly want you to know the devil, the shepherd of fire, by, and that they apparently are going to be providing to you. That's the highlight. They sing over and over to know him by name, yet they never give you his name. 


Shepherd of fire is a description, not a name, just as creator of card decks or performer of magic would describe me - Know me by name, creator of this webpage, Bill Davis. The devil's name would be Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Belial, Asmodeus, etc. Shepherd of fire is no more a name for the devil than God, Lord, father or the omnipotent one is for YHVH or Jesus (the latter two which ARE names). 


Every time I've made the mistake of listening to this song, I waited and waited to know the name of who the F they were talking about, but they never give it. "Know me by name, shepherd of fire... WHO???!!!"


What a bunch of assholes. The entire POINT of this song is completely pointless.

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