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Marking System Design

Want to have a "secret marking system" designed for a deck YOU'RE creating?

Well you've found the right guy for the job.

I consider myself a card marking expert and others can vouch for that. I have a keen eye for seeing almost immediately where and how a marking system can be designed for nearly any playing card, regardless of the back pattern or image. I have developed and continue to design marking systems for my own decks as well as for others.



(unless otherwise negotiated)

ToS (Terms of Service)

1. Payment must be made up front, unless other arrangements are made, prior to work commencing.

2. You agree to indicate somewhere on the deck, however big or small: 'Marking system developed and designed by Bill Davis Magic'. (It could just be on the bottom of the tuck with the ad copy and/or on a card explaining how the system works, whatever you choose.)

That's all!

I'd definitely appreciate it if you'd give a short credit and/or link to me when you advertise it, such as 'Marking system developed and designed by Bill Davis Magic, creator of the Wild Reserve: Pink Boar deck!', but that is completely optional.

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"Bill is a clever motherf***er! His marking systems are second to none - sophisticated yet simple to follow and devilishly invisible but once you know, you know!" 

- Luke Jonas (Creator of Newton's Touch and Alice in Wonderland / Jekyll & Hyde book tests)

"I was very impressed with the incredible and unique Bill's marking system. It's a brilliant marking system, I love it!" - Destino (Designer of 11th HOUR and Hannya series Playing Cards)

"Bill Davis is a genius when it comes to creating marking systems... [He] is the master at creating marked systems that will make your deck one-of-a-kind." - Emily Sleights (Creator of Elevation / Collaborator of 11th HOUR Playing Cards)

"Bill Davis has some absolutely sound ideas for marking systems!" - Dan Williams (Creator of Williams Playing Cards)

"Bill knows how to take big ideas and make them small and workable. His marking systems are no exception." 

- Chet DeLano (Writer, Poet, Magician)


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