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About Me


Since I was a kid I've been fascinated with the impact magic has on others and this turned into a calling I use every chance I get. It is my goal to excite and empower while sharing special connections made during magical moments and to help others do the same. Magic is in the hand of the card holder because, whether in mine or yours,  the amazement that takes  place creates the most wonderful sense of childlike wonder.

My first successful deck of playing cards, the Wild Reserve: Pink Boar,was followed by two successful collaborations - the  AWARD WINNING  IIth Hour and Contagion, and my most recent Smokers deck. You can find them here within decks (& uncut sheets) under the SHOP tab and you'll want to check back often for upcoming projects including more playing cards as well as magic effects AND my first book!

- Abracadavis!

"Bill has a ton of ideas on the way.

I think he's going to be a known,

a very known name in the world of playing cards."


- Daniel Madison

Anyone who knows me knows I do this for heart and not money. My projects are often for a cause and the goal of those that are not is to at least break even while creating art to enrich the magic and card community through my passion for playing cards and magic. All Pink Boar merchandise, IIth Hour merchandise, and Bill Davis Magic White Spade logo merchandise has been posted at lowest possible prices to pay for cost and shipping. The most I charge is for magic performances and marked card development and design, due to the time involved, but always fair.

Links to my social media sites are also provided below so

feel free to browse them and drop me a line here or there!

I give thanks to my family and friends, and to Daniel Madison
and our Malliance brothers and sisters for all of their love and support.

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