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CONTAGION Playing Cards by Bill Davis Magic and Dane Valnes



In an age of Contagion, nothing is more infectious than fun. And in the wake of the Coronavirus, nothing screams contaminated more than… playing cards. A call for lightheartedness in a time of crisis, CONTAGION by Bill Davis Magic and Dane Valnes represents that infectious agent that permeates the population of magicians, cardists and game players alike. Get infected and let the fundemic begin!

What kind of deck is this?

This is a high-quality standard poker-size deck made by USPCC (The United States Playing Card Company), the most widely known and trusted playing card company in the industry.

What do they feature?


CONTAGION Playing Cards will infiltrate your hands with 56 air cushion finished playing cards printed on classic stock that are loaded with features. They are infected with a hidden one-way custom back design and fully marked using the top left and lower right largest viruses. Cards are recolored to match the theme and include a duplicate 9♣️, custom A♠️, and an ad card that not only explains the marking system but doubles as a gaff smear-card on its back. In addition, all 12 custom court faces are masked on one end and worry-free on the other. Courts also contain hidden 8♣️, 9♣️ and Q♣️ reveals and both unique jokers - one featuring previously hard to find toilet paper and the other hand sanitizer – each feature a different reveal as well. And all cards come housed in a fully custom and virally-ridden standard C1S stock tuck!

CONTAGION Playing Cards by Bill Davis Magic and Dane Valnes

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