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I created this page because I'm tired of senseless songs. I have respect for artists who take the time to write thoughtful lyrics but zero for those who do not.


I have no tolerance when I'm driving relaxed and a song comes across my car radio that should have been better thought out or just plain shouldn't exist. When that happens - either a lyric that makes no sense or a song that is just crap - my mood instantly shifts and I immediately change the station. It gets old having to do this but I refuse to infect my soul with nonsense. Songs like this simply shouldn't exist, including those even classic or popular, where not enough thought was put into each and every word. (They're no different from shitty movies, good movies with parts that make no sense, or dumb endings.)


A standard should have been set to not allow these songs to pollute our ears, disturb our day and deflate our souls. It was not, so I have made it my mission to identify them for you, so that you can start to think, remove these from your life, and not settle for anything not worthy of being considered music.


I've identified 3 main characteristics of stupid songs that contain one or more of the following:


1) Catchy, subpar lyrics that neither the writer nor listeners put thought into (including poor rhymes)

2) Lyrics that don't make any sense

3) Lyrics that are just plain lazy

It is my general belief that these characteristics exist due to the manner in which songwriters write songs. There are 2 types of songwriters:


A good songwriter is inspired by meaningful thought or experience which manifests as words (lyrics) and then creates instrumental music around those. Those lyrics can be written well or not well.

However, a lot of songs are made by instrumental music being created first. In such cases, musicians or bands tinker around or jam together, find a cool tune, and create words to fit within it. In doing so, songs written like this are constrained by the limits of the music. The amount of words that fit within a certain part, and the syllables of those words, can only be worked into each particular musical section of the song according to predefined measures and beats. While songs written in this fashion can end up sounding good and one would never know they were made that way, they are inferior because the lyrics, even with meaning, are naturally diminished by predefined limits. (This kind of songwriter is like a chef with ingredients but no recipe cooking whatever comes to mind. Good or bad, no restaurant could put it on their menu as patrons would have nothing to order.) In my opinion, songs created like this are the most vulnerable to containing idiocy for this reason.

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