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DISCLAIMER:  As far as I am aware, these are original effects of my own creations unless otherwise noted.  I always try to research to give credit where credit is due, and if I missed anything, it is not meant in any way to claim what is not mine.  There are obviously moves and sleights as well that can be traced back but that would be tedious to do so and that are commonly known and widely used.  That does not mean FULL APPRECIATION is not given to ALL THOSE deserving of it, IT ALWAYS IS!


Bill Davis Magic EXCLUSIVE magic and mentalism:

NAWC (Never A Wasted Card)                                       
The Effect:  The spectator stops the magician as he riffles through a shuffled/cut deck and chooses one of the two cards cut to.  The unselected card is placed beside their selection and the next two cards down not only reveal the value and suit of the selected cards but also the other card they could have chosen.


Another Trick Will Go Here                                     
The Effect:  


And Another Trick Will Go Here                                      
The Effect:  


I'm always learning more effects by others and have also been creating my own. Check out my magic and merchandise to come, explore my cards and favorite vendors, and visit my other social media sites!

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