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11th Hour Playing Cards:
Gold Edition

11th HOUR: Gold Edition


This is the Gold Edition Reprint of the 11th Hour V1 Playing Cards, full of symbolism and hidden meaning, with artwork by Destino edited, updated or redesigned by Although there are some minor differences, this version features the same back design as the first edition but with a beautiful gold foil on the tuck (inside and out), as well as gold recoloring on the cards backs and faces.

Like the V1, the intricately simple marking system (that can be easily learned within moments and not forgotten) allows you to fully know what card you are looking at without ever seeing its face. Unless one knows the secret, they'd never be able to tell what card they were looking at. It's THAT clever! To those unfamiliar with marking systems, it is perfectly hidden by the idea of time passing by as indicated within different random times indicated on the back of each card. The one-way back design is similarly inconspicuous yet easily identifiable.

Cards come housed in a gorgeous, velvet-soft black vellum specialty tuck with GOLD foil inside and out (Produced by Gambler's Warehouse). "Play Your Last Hand Well" can be seen on the back, "Countdown has begun" on the flap (in place of V1's "Countdown begins now") and "Game Over" again (smaller) on the inside bottom.

The deck itself is again a high quality, standard poker-sized deck printed on USPCC's classic stock with air cushion finish. Cards have traditional borders, feature a classy deep red on the pips and faces, and contain mostly standard Bicycle faces (with courts recolored and holding pocket watches frozen at 11:11, and with Bill Davis Magic, EmilySleights52 and Daniel Madison featured among them). Decks include fully marked backs for suit and value, 2 custom reveal Jokers (both also marked), a card that explains the marking system and a reprint/silver version double backer. 

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