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SMOKERS Playing Cards


Though the SMOKERS Playing Cards Kickstarter campaign has ended, you can STILL order decks via PayPal for less than what they will cost at retail! Add-on's are still available too. *Only available for a limited time. Once production begins, decks will not be available again for some time.

All prices below INCLUDE shipping so there are no extra charges. Kickstarter fees are calculated in as well so what you see is what you'll pay!

PayPal your amount to 
 and include your full name and mailing address as a message in the PayPal transaction (and your email if purchasing the wallpaper package). If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

DECKS (2+ deck orders get a free sticker):
1 Deck: $22 US, $27 international
2 Decks: $37 US, $47 international
3 Decks: $51 US, $62 international
4 Decks: $65 US, $78 international
6 Decks: $91 US, $107 international (decks come in SMOKERS half-brick box!)
12 Decks: $169 US, $194 international (decks come in SMOKERS brick box!)
24 Decks: $315 US, $344 international (decks come in two SMOKERS brick boxes!)

Extra deck: $22 US, $27 international
Signed deck: $28 US, $32 international
Uncut sheet: $44 US, $53 international
Signed uncut sheet: $54 US, $63 international
Additional stickers: $1.35 each
Phone/Computer Wallpaper Package: $5.50
SMOKERS T-Shirt: $22 US, $27 international
Impossible Bottle: $104 US, $116 international
Custom Black & White Card Clip: $109 US, $121 international
Custom Color Card Clip: $160 US, $173 international
Futile Vile:  $11 US/$17 international each
                    $17 US/$24 international for 2
                    $22 US/$29 international for 3
                    +$7 US/$9 for every vile beyond 3

I'm always learning more effects by others and have also been creating my own. Check out my magic and merchandise to come, explore my cards and favorite vendors, and visit my other social media sites!

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