If you've arrived at this page then you were specially given it. Below is a complete list of all of the secrets buried here. Stay tuned for more!



1) 9 of Clubs Reveal - Click the words "the Card" on the main (home) page in my slogan to use this as a reveal in any trick you would like!

2) Secret Effect - On the first (main/home) page, wait until the marquee at the base of the spade scrolls to 'Designer / Diviner' and click on the word "Diviner" for a free effect.


3) Upcoming Deck Preview - Click the "s" in Abracadavis! on my About page to see the Kickstarter preview for an upcoming Kickstarter deck not yet announced. This will be updated for each new deck on the way.


4) Pink Boar phone Wallpaper - Click "free" on my Contact page.

5) Mnemonica Wallpaper - Click "Copy" in 'Copyright' at the bottom of any page.

6) - Click the "M" in Malliance at the bottom of my About page for a magic spoof site that is no longer maintained but a lot of fun to read and share with layman about how well known tricks are (not) really done!

7) Secret Quote - On my Marking System Design page move your cursor to the lower left corner of the red area, slowly move it around until it changes, and click for my favorite quote from a hater.