11th HOUR
Playing Cards


On July 10, 2019, EmilySleights52 approached me with her minimalistic deck idea using pocketwatch faces. After helping her further develop the marking system she had begun, she invited me on as co-developer.

Emily's idea behind the deck was that of inevitability. After several edits and revisions, 11th HOUR Playing Cards were born. Full of symbolism, hidden meaning and multiple secrets, it asks what you intend to do with the limited time you have left, with the 11th hour being "a point in time that is nearly too late" and your final moment drawing near.

The time of 11:11 is also of particular significance to me and was incorporated throughout, with the pocketwatch on the tuck, courts and jokers pointing to 11 minutes past the last hour, the 11th hour.

A perfect collaboration and melding of the minds of EmilySleights52 and Bill Davis Magic, the 11th hour deck was launched on Kickstarter at 11:11 EST on 11/11/19 and was fully funded on 12/21/19. Click here to see the original Kickstarter campaign for more information. It was scheduled for production mid-April 2020 but has been delayed due to USPCC's temporary shutdown from COVID-19.

The 11th HOUR deck will be made by USPCC on classic grade, standard Bicycle stock with air cushion finish, in a fully custom velvet-soft black vellum specialty tuck featuring bronze foil inside and out (outer design by Destino, inside by Bill Davis Magic). Cards have classic thick borders, are fully marked (including both jokers and a duplicate 9 of clubs) using an expertly-crafted marking system that is not what you would expect, and feature a hidden one-way fully custom back design by Destino. Faces are mostly Bicycle standard aside from all custom courts featuring pocket watches by Daniel Schneider and colors changed to a classy deeper red and beautiful bronze, a custom Ace of Spades and 2 different custom jokers by Destino, and 3 custom courts. Of the 3 custom courts including Daniel Madison, Emily and myself (my face and Emily’s drawn by Daniel Schneider), two feature reveals as do both different custom Jokers. There is also a 2-sided ad card featuring the designers and explaining the marking system.

This is Destino's PREMIER, fully marked symmetrical watchface deck design!!!

Decks will ship to Kickstarter backers and will be available for purchase through retailers affiliated with wholesalers including Murphy's magic. 


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