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I) 11:11 Secrets There are 11 SECRETS and 11 sub-secrets within them:



II) Hidden Time While all courts feature pocket watches...


1) Like the pocket watches on courts, Jokers, the ♠A and the tuck, ALL of them are set to 11:11, Bill's ever-appearing time obsession.


III) Time Flies The A♠ features the Latin phrase "Tempus Fugit", meaning "Time Flies".


IV) Full Circle Face Reveals While both Jokers have reveals, all 3 custom face courts feature reveals as well! Daniel Madison's K♦ features his 9♣ reveal, while:


2) Bill and Emily's reveals come full circle: The Q♣ and shattered Joker have an 8♣ reveal (Emily's favorite card), the J♥ (Bill's favorite card) has a Q♣ reveal both for Emily as well as for his wife (the Q♣ in his decks) and the intact Joker has a J♥ reveal.




V) Fully Marked Backs and Unique 9♣'s While all playing cards and both reveal Jokers have fully marked backs...


3) The duplicate 9♣ is marked separately and uniquely from the other 9♣ . VI) One-Way Design Card backs feature a one-way design as indicated by a darkened pocket watch crown at one end.


VII) Intact and Broken J's.


4) The markings on Emily and Bill's Jokers represents those cards' pocket watches: The hour and minute hands' markings for Emily's shattered Joker resembles a broken "J" with the hour hand on the 8 for her 8♣, while for Bill's intact pocket watch it resembles a normal "J" with the hour hand on the 11 for his J ♥.


5) The "J" in "Joker" on the card face is similarly broken on Emily's and intact on Bill's.




VIII) The Instant Beginning of the End: The inside flap reads "Countdown Begins Now", as once the deck is opened your last hand will be dealt, and once the deck has been removed the inside tuck bottom reveals "Game Over." IX) 52: The outer tuck flaps have a "V" and a "II":


6) The "V" is the Roman numeral 5, the 5th letter of the alphabet being "E" for Emily. The "II" is the Roman numeral 2, the 2nd letter of the alphabet being "B" for Bill.


7) These same Roman numerals, "V" and "II", represent "52".


8) "52" is also featured at the center of the tuck's inner front side, and again representing Emily and Bill.


9) Across from that, central to the tuck's inner back side, is the number "25", the yang to the inner front side's central yin, representing equal contribution of Bill and Emily. XI) Hidden Dates: The inner tuck contains 3 hidden dates: Emily's birthday "1/24/98" (down one inner side), Bill's birthday "5/20/73" (opposite Emily's), and the date their collaboration began "7/10/19" (just below the inner tuck flap).


XI) Hidden Math:


10) All inside tuck numbers added together (with 2-digit date numbers as 2-digit numbers), not counting tuck flaps and with the central 52 and 25 NOT counted as 2-digit numbers but as 5's and 2's = 592, the 9 ♣ being central to the 52.


11) Furthermore, all internal numbers added together, with 11 and 11 from the inner tuck flaps and 52 (V II) from the outer tuck flaps = 666.

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